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Classical India Tour

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Tour Details
Duration 15 Nights / 16 Days
Best Time Oct - March
Routing Delhi - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Bodhgaya - Rajgir - Nalanda - Patna - Kushinagar - Lumbini - Chitwan National Park - Kathmandu Departure

Classical India Tours, start from Delhi, we the team of are passionate delivering an authentic travel experience that allows you to feel and appreciate India for all her beauty and history. Classical India Tours, offer you explore the major historical city of India. Classical India Tours includes the capital kingdoms of India, The Temples City "Kahjuraho" the enlightenment place of Lord Buddha "Bodhgaya" The Nirvana place of Buddha's Kushinagar, The birth place of Lord Buddha "Lumbini" finally you will visit Kathmandu the Bagmati Anchal "Bangmati Valley" give you a unforgettable services.

DAY 01 :

Arrival Delhi :

Upon arrival at New Delhi international airport, our services begin here. You are greeted at the airport, by facilitator & transfer to hotel. At the hotel by our representative will be brief you about your next day program.

DAY 02 :

Delhi :

Breakfast at hotel, later start your exploration of Delhi the Capital city of India with a guide from, walk and ride through the ancient city's streets and alleys, explore the crowded and colorful bazaars. This excursion includes an exploration of the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India. The Masjid is a magnificent example of Mughal architecture and is constructed of red sandstone and white marble. It is an active place of worship and its courtyard can hold 25,000 worshippers. You continue on to the amazing Red Fort that was finished a decade before the mosque. Both structure s where built by Shah Jehan, the emperor that created the Taj Mahal. The great city inside the massive sandstone walls of the Red Fort offer visitors a large number of architectural and historical attractions, it was once know as the 8th wonder of the world. The Red Fort was seat of the Mughal Empire for more than two hundred and fifty years. You will also experience a fascinating rickshaw ride in the ancients alleys of the crowed and colorful bazaar at Chandni Chowk. After these experiences a short drive will deliver you to an oasis of calm and serenity. Which also happens to be your last destination in Old Delhi. The cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi (Raj Ghat) is a simple yet stirring memorial to the father of the nation. Lush lawns extend beyond the enclosure that surrounds the black marble platform occupying the spot where the Mahatma was cremated. Post lunch visit New Delhi. This excursion begins with the awe-inspiring Qutab Minar (1139 A.D.) this 72.5 M tall medieval tower is a symbol of Victory and beautiful example of Persian architecture from that period. There is a winding stairway inside the tower that goes up all the way to the balcony at the top of the tower, unfortunately they are no longer accessible for visitors. Within the Qutab Minar Complex amidst the ruins of the Quwat-ul-Islam Mosque, stand one of the legendry Ashoka Pillars. This large iron pillar has withstood the ravages of Delhi's weather and has note rusted in over 1500 years. From the tomb you will proceed on a drive to Lutyens New Delhi, time permitting this drive will includes photo opportunities at some of the following attractions the exterior of the massive and awe-inspiring Rashtrapati Bhawan (Known as Viceroy's House during the British era) Delhi's landmark structure India Gate, a golden domed Sikh Temple (Bangla Sahib Gurudwara) & Birla Temple. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 03 :

Delhi - Jhansi - Khajuraho

(120km) :

An early breakfast, later transfer to New Delhi railway station, board train to Jhansi, ETD 06:00 hrs, you will experience the Indian train, you will enjoy the train ride, this is the unique experience and enjoy the meal (breakfast). On arrival at Jhansi ETA 11:00 hrs. meet to our assistance drive to Khajurhao covering around 120 km. The representative from assist you for check in. Rest of the time free at hotel, later commence sightseeing of Khajuraho. Our guide will be giving you a brief history about the temple, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These magnificent examples of Hindu religious art were constructed about a thousand year ago. Thousands of extremely detailed rock sculptures adorn the facades of these temples and the subject matter includes some very explicit erotic scenes. The sophisticated design and building technique that were used in the creation of these temple and the detailed artistry of the sculptures cannot be described in words - you have to experience them personally to grasp their impact. You have the open (Chargeable) of attending the wound and light show at the temples in the evening-it is hard to understand and not impressive by western standards. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 04 :

Khajuraho - Varanasi (Flight) :

After breakfast at hotel, commence sightseeing of Eastern zone of Jain temples. Than transfer to airport, board flight to Varanasi, upon arrival at Varanasi airport you will be assisted by the representative from, transfer to city center, check in hotel. Afternoon experience a city tour of Varanasi that includes visits to some of the ancient temples that lie along the banks of the holy river, you will walk through the narrow lanes and through the crowded bazaars to discover a way of life that has not changed much of the past few millenniums. Take a sunset cruise on the Ganga – tow of the highlights of your time in Varanasi are the sunset and sunrise cruises on the Ganga. You can float you own oil lamp while you watch the ancient prayer and oil lamp ceremony at sunset. You boat enables you to enjoy a Varanasi is famous for silk weaving. Rest of the time visit local market.

DAY 05 :

Varanasi - Bodhgaya

(180 Km) :

Start you day with an early morning boat cruise on the Ganga. The best time to visit the Ghat is dawn as that is when the pilgrims take their morning dip. It is also the ideal opportunity to experience some of Hinduisms ancient and iconic rituals. The most famous Ghat is the Dasadwamedh Ghat and that is where we begin this tour. You can simultaneously witness nearby, another Brahmin priest orchestrates the the naming ceremony of a newborn. Just like the previous evening, you boat offers an excellent view of all the activity on the Ghats-women bathing discreetly while still wearing their sarees, priest offering prayers as they immersed themselves in the holy water, men that are oblivious to their surrounding as they practice Yoga or Meditate on the bank of the Ganga. Return to you hotel, later drive to Bodhgaya….Bodhgaya is the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under the sacred Asvatta tree (Later termed Bodhi) Buddhist all across the world consider the place the most sacred and this has become a pilgrim destination for them, Buddhist from all over the world have built temple here in Bodh Gaya is located about 13 km from Gaya. Bodh Gaya houses a splendid and magnificent Mahabodhi temple and the temple has Bodhi Tree. Both the temple & Bodhi Tree are sacred for Buddhists across the globe. The temple is an architectural amalgamation of many centuries, culture, and heritages. On arrival at Bodh Gaya check in hotel, Rest of the time visit the Bodhi Temple and local market.

DAY 06 :

Bodhgaya :

After a leisure breakfast at hotel, commence full day local sightseeing. Visit the Bodhi Temple, the life of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is associated with the small town of Bodhgaya. It is one of the four holiest cities of Buddist faith. The Mahabodhi temple is the main attraction of this town and located near the spot where Lord Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment. Bodhgaya is not only an important Buddhist pilgrim center, but it is also an important center for the study of Buddhism. Rest of the time visit another monasteries and stupa. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 07 :

Bodhgaya - Rajgir

(150 Km) :

Breakfast at hotel, do the check out formalities, later drive to Rajgir and Nalanda. Rajgir was the first capital of the kingdom of Magadha Empire, Rajgir offer the valor and vigor of great Kinds. The old city of Rajgir made a flourishing development during the sixth century. As a podium of Buddha and Jain preaching, Rajgir doms a predominant position in the cultural history of ancient India. Encircled by the seven Hills this place is beloved to be the retreating spot of Lord Buddha in the rainy season. Rajgir has witness some of the great sermons of Buddha. One of the important cultural meets of Bihar is the Rajgir Dance festival that exhibits classic performance of veteran of classical and folk fields. Nalanda, is the name of an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar. The site of Nalanda is located in the around 180 sought from the capital city of Bihar "Patna". The staff from the local office of meet to in front of Nalanda University. The complex was built with red bricks and its ruins occupy an area of 14 hectares. At its peak, the university attracted scholars and student from as far away as China, Greece and Persia. Nalanda was ransacked and destroyed by Turkic Muslim invaders under Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. The great library of Nalanda University was so vast that it is reported to have burned from three months after the invaders set fire to it. Visit the Runes of Nalanda later drive back to Rajgir for overnight stay at hotel.

DAY 08 :

Rajgir - Patna

(90km) :

Breakfast at hotel, later drive to Patna en route visit some village and small hamlets. Patna is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world and the history of Patna spans at least three millennia. Patna has the distinction of being associated with the two most ancient religions of the world, namely, Buddhism and Jainism. And has seen the reise and fall of empires of the Mauryas and the Guptas. Patna derives its name from the word Pattan, which means port ins Sanskrit. It may be indicative of the location of this place on the confluence of four rivers, which functioned as a port. On arrival at Patna, check in hotel. Rest of the time free for individual activates. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 09 :

Patna - Kushinagar

(253km) :

Breakfast at hotel, later drive to Kushinagar, en route visit Vaisahli, today is a small village surrounded by banana and mango groves as well as rice fields. But excavation in the area have brought to light an impressive historical past. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the heroic Kind Vishal who ruled here. Historian maintain that one of the world's first democratic republics with an elected assembly of representatives flourished here in the 6th century B.C. Ashokan Pillar, Emperor Ashoka built The Lion Pillar at Kolhua, it is made of a highly polished single piece of red sandstone, surmounted by a bell shaped capital, 18.3 m high. A life size figure of a lion is place on the top of the pillar. Bawan Pokhar Tempe, an old temple built in the Pala period stands on the northern bank of Bawan Pokhar and enshrines beautiful image of several Hindu gods. Buddha Stupa, the exterior of this stupa which is now in a dilapidated condition has a plain surface. Continue drive to Kushinagar (Kushinara) on arrival check in hotel rest of the time visit Kushinagar is the site of the Buddha Shakyamuni's death. It is located next at Kasia. Kushinagar was a celebrated centre of the Malla kingdom of ancients India. At this location, near the Hiranyavati River, Gautama Buddha attained Parinirvana and was cremated. Visit Mahaparinirvana Temple, Ramabhara Stupa, Meditation Park, Matha Kuar Shrine. Rest of the time free for individual activities. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 10 :

Kushinagar - Lumbini

(210km) :

After breakfast proceed to Lumbini (Nepal) cover the some rural area, en route visit village and small hamlets. Lumbini the place now these day in Nepal, we crossed the frontier, do the formalities of customs, foreign need the multiple visa for visit Lumbini. The birth place of Lord Buddha, is situated about 22 km form Bhairahawa (Siddarthnagar). On the western bank of Telar river in Rupandehi district. Upon arrival at Lumbini check in hotel. Rest of the time free.

DAY 11 :

Lumbini :

Lumbini lies in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, the site is a large garden with a grove of piple trees. The area around Lumbini is entirely Hindu, but many Buddhist temple and shrine from various nations are scattered around the holy site itself. The most important Temple at Lumbini is Maya Devi Temple, which enshrine the traditional site of the Buddha's birth, the current temple stand on the site of earlier temple and stupas, the stupa built by Ashoka. On the south side of the temple is a sacred pool where it is said Maya Devi bathed before giving birth, and where the newborn Buddha was washed by two dragons. Ashoka's Pillar this is the main sight of interest at Lumbini, near the temple. It is protected by a small fence, which is decorated with prayer flags and banners from the faithful. Rest of the time visit another monastery and stupa. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 12 :

Lumbini - Chitwan

(192 Km) :

After breakfast at hotel, proceed to Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park has long been one the country treasures of natural wonders. The park is situated in the south central Nepal, Covering 932 sq. km. int eh subtropical lowlands of the inner Terai. The area comprising the Tikauli forest form Rapti rive to the foot hills of the Mahabharat extending over an area of 175 sq km. was declared Mrigakunja in 1959. In 1996 an area of 750 sq. km. surrounding the park was declared a buffer zone which consists of forests and private land. On arrival at Chitwan check in hotel the representative from will help you for check in. Rest of the time free for individual activities.

DAY 13 :

Chitwan :

After breakfast at hotel, explore the National park with elephant back. Full day gem ride for witness the wild animals. Overnight at hotel or resort.

DAY 14 :

Chitwan - Kathmandu

(160 Km) :

Breakfast at hotel, later proceed to Kathmandu, through the scenic drive to Kathmandu, On arrival at Kathmandu the representative from will help your for check in the hotel. Kathmandu has been a travelers Mecca since the 1960 for the tourist. Kathmandu is not only the capital of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal but also the headquarters of the Central Region. Kathmandu as the gateway to Nepal Tourism is the nerve center of the country's economy. With the most advanced infrastructure among urban areas in Nepal. The city's rich history is nearly 2000 years old as inferred from an inscription in the valley. Its religious affiliations are dominantly Hindu followed by Buddhism. People of other religious beliefs also live in Kathmandu giving it a cosmopolitan culture. On arrival at Kathmandu the staff from will be help you for check in. Rest of the time visit local market. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 15 :

Kathmandu :

Breakfast at hotel, later commence full day local sightseeing. Start the sightseeing from Darbar Square, this complex of palaces, courtyard and temple like Hanumandhoka Place, Kumari Ghar, Taleju temple. Swayambhunath Stupa, watches over the Valley from the top of the hillock on its western side just three km. west of the city centre. Buddhanath, lies about 6 km east of downtown Kathmandu and is the largest stupa is the valley and one of the largest in the world. It looms 36 meters high and presents one of the most fascinating specimens of stupa design with hundreds of prayer wheels. Boddhanath a world heritage site is also know as Khasti. There are more than 45 Buddhist monasteries in the area. Patan, Durbar Square like its counterpart in Kathmandu is an ancient buildings, artistic courtyard and graceful pagoda temples. Bhaktapur visit the Darbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Dattatreya Square, etc. Rest of the time visit local market. Overnight at hotel.

DAY 16 :

Kathmandu Departure :

After breakfast at hotel, in time departure transfer, back to home with sweet memories.

PRICE INCLUDES - Hotel Mentioned below or SIMILAR on Bed and Breakfast Basis :

Cities Superior Standard No. of Nights
Delhi Sangrila Connaught 02
Khajuraho Usha Bundela Radisson 01
Varanasi Raission Ideal Tower 01
Bodhgaya Royal Residency Hotel Nirvana 02
Rajgir Hotel Hokkey Hotel Hokkey 01
Patna Hotel Maurya Hotel Chankya 01
Kushinagar Hotel Residency Hotel Nirvana 01
Lumbini Hotel Hokkey Hotel Nirvana 02
Chitwan Jungle Safari Lodge Hotel Parkside 02
Kathmandu Hotel Dwarka Hotel Sangrila 02
  • 15 Nights Accommodation on Twin/ Triple Sharing Basis
  • Representative on arrival and Departure in Delhi / Kathmandu airport
  • All the hotel on Bed and Breakfast Basis
  • All in-out transfer, sightseeing sector drive as per program
  • Train Tickets Delhi to Jahansi in AC Chair car
  • English / Language speaking city guide as per program
  • 02 Boat ride at Varanasi
  • Meditation class at Bodh Gaya
  • Gem Ride at Chitwan National Park
  • All applicable taxes
  • One farewell dinner with Indian family in Delhi


Any Personal expense, any meal apart mentioned in the above program, any entrance fee any monument or camera fee. Any domestic or international airfare, airport tax, tips, gratuities, portreage, laundry telephone calls, table drinks or other. Anything else that is not mentioned in the "Price Include".

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