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Travel Tips

1- Keep a Check List :
Make a checklist of what you want to take with you about a week before your vacation to avoid in panic. Keeping a list in your hand luggage, will prove handy, should anything go missing and an insurance claim ensure.

2- Make sure to carry :

  • At least one set of clothes in your hand luggage in case of baggage delay or loss
  • Your sunglasses, scarf, hat/ cap, cardigan, camera in your hand luggage if your tour stars on arrival itself.
  • A comfortable walking shoes, you may be on your feet for a long time en tour
  • Appropriate swim wear/ beachwear for swimming activities. You will not be allowed to enter the pool (at hotels and on cruise) without suitable clothing,
  • Your Camera, if you are planning on taking photographs on your holiday. Check the batteries and carry spare, since it is often difficult to buy replacement. More importantly, carry a good supply of film rolls, as it can be both expensive and troublesome finding the right film and quality.

3. Medication :
Please carry your medication & all medical details along with a prescription with you, making sure they includes :

  • Your health insurance's contact details and your policy number
  • Name and address of contacts in the event of an emergency
  • Your blood type, general medical history, list of any medications you are taking, know allergies, glasses/ contact lens prescription etc.

4. Vaccination :
Ideally at least 8 weeks before you planned departure visit a travel clinic at least tow month before departure to plan any vaccinations or prescriptions you may need. These doctors specialize in travel medicine and can give you advice that is more specific to your travel than a generalist physician, who will likely know little more about local conditions. Indeed, many countries will deny entry without proof of appropriate vaccinations.

Insure the following :

  • Pre – Departure
  • Passport
  • Air Tickets
  • Foreign exchange
  • Airline Bookings

Airport Formalities :

  • Report at least 3 hrs prior to departure for international
  • Report at least 2 hrs prior to departure for domestic
  • All check in baggage must not exceed 20 kgs and handbags must not exceed 1 piece (5 kg maximum)
  • Do not put any cash/ jewelry/expensive items inside the check in baggage
  • Use some form of permanent identification on your check in luggage and also note its make/brand. This is useful at the time of baggage claim and to trace the same in case of any delay / loss en route.
  • Proceed to check in at the airlines counter and hand over your passports and air tickets
  • A baggage identification slip showing the destination of baggage, your boarding card, passport, air ticket and embarkation car will be handed over to you.
  • Fill the embarkation card and proceed to the immigration counter
  • Proceed to the immigration counter, hand over your passport, air ticket, boarding card and embarkation card to the officer
  • All documents (except the embarkation car) duly checked and stamped will be returned back to you customs
  • Hand over your passport, air ticket and boarding card to the officer. The same will be stamped & returned back to you
  • You are not allowed to carry more than Rs 200,000/- as per the RBI Rule
  • Any foreign currency carried along must be endorsed on your passport
  • Value goods like zoom cameras, video cameras, computers, laptops, etc, should also be endorsed on your passport
  • Proceed to the boarding gate as specified on your boarding card where your hand baggage will be x-rayed

On Board :

  • On board please be seated as per seats allocated
  • Snacks / meals will be served as per airlines policy
  • En route, you will be handed a disembarkation card to be filled and kept ready on arrival
  • Airport formalities on arrival
  • As you leave the aircraft, pleas ensure you carry along all personal belongings and documents including – passport, air tickets, handbag, wallet, cardigans/clothing etc. to use a prepaid card (trolley) you will have insert the required coins in the cart machine and single cart will be released.

Arrival :

  • You may be asked about your itinerary, purpose of visit and place of stay, etc. you may refer to your detailed itinerary
  • Hand over you passport, boarding card and disembarkation card (Counterfoil of disembarkation card is a very important document and it is very duty to retain the same till the time you depart from the destination country. You may not be allowed to board your return flight if you lose this counterfoil)

Baggage Claim :
Fill out your declaration in advance to speed your customs and immigration clearance. When making your written declaration, you mist list all goods accompanying you other than your personal effects, along with their price or value.

Prohibited Items :

  • In general your may not carry explosive, corrosive or inflammable products, arms and ammunition in your luggage
  • Duty Free Items
  • Personal effect intended for your personal use during your trip, and purchases make at airport duty free shops are considered free of duties and tax.

Your Exemptions :

  • Articles brought into the different countries, are subject to duty and internal revenue tax unless they are prohibited entry, but as a visitor or nonresident you are allowed certain exemptions and privileges.
  • Prohibited and restricted articles lottery tickets, narcotics and dangerous drugs, obscene articles and publications, seditions and treasonable materials, hazardous articles switch-blade knives, biological materials, pirated books, video tapes, computer program or cassettes, artifacts/cultural property firearms & ammunition, food products, fruits, vegetable, plants, meats, livestock, poultry, hunting trophies.

Hotel :

  • Hotel on Tour : We have taken utmost car to select the locations of hotels, keeping in mind your comfort. All modern amenities, such as attached toilets with bath tubs / showers, hot and cold running water and telephone facilities are provided in each room.
  • Check in / Check Out : Check In and Check Out times are usually 1200 hrs respectively.
  • The hotel Receptionist will then assign you room and hand you your room keys.

Rooming :
Rooming is generally pre-assigned to facilitate speedier Check Ins.

Room Key :

  • Each time you leave the room, please ensure you deposit your rooms keys at the front desk making it days for your room mate to access than same. It is not advisable to carry the room key outside the hotel, you may be payable directly by you. Responsibility of all your documents lies with you and will not take any responsibility for the same.
  • Expenses incurred to trace lost passport or air tickets and retrieve them back will be payable directly by you.
  • It is suggested you keep your passport and air tickets safely in your locked bags or you can use a locker at the hotel. Locker facilities are available on request (You may have to pay a deposit to use the facility, the same is refunded on checkout)

Hotel Address :

  • It is advisable to carry a hotel card / brochure with you. The address mentioned will be helpful to guide you back or if you lose your way.
  • Check-out form hotel, please follow the instructions of your itinerary and adhere to timing as advised.
  • After checking out, please clear all personal / extra bills, if any at the Front Office

Tips / Porterage :

  • Porterage is not included at hotel in your itinerary
  • You may have to pay for portage and the tips or any service charges as per local rules or customs at the destination

Contact tour manage / escort in case clarifications.

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